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The Bench
Somehow over the years Randi had acquired this huge 4' x 8' steel bench, but it was in the barn, all 500lbs of it. Good thing we have a John Deere tractor with a front loader. Out with the minivan, in with the bench. Just enough room on top of the bench for a good level wood structure:Click for larger picture of workbench 
Randi thought I was overdoing it with 3 double outlets on each side. We frequently run out of outlets now.
Size is an issue guys.... 
Ours is 12 ft by 42" and 39" high. I would make it 36" high and still keep the rest except add more outlets.
Storage for tools and wood scraps underneath.

You cannot be too bright. 
We were able to find some used 8ft double fluorescent fixtures. Four of them over the bench worked out just right.

For God's sake man, stop thinking of you own needs! 
For the MGS epoxy we use 70o is sort of minimum temperature. During the summer it frequently hit 105o and this winter it is cold...Brrrr cold. But build on we must. Since we are on a hill top the wind does a good job of relieving us of any accumulated heat. It seemed the best thing to do was build an easy-bake oven of sorts that we could keep things at least at 70o plus. It would also be nice if we could do some work in there and be somewhat comfortable, more bright lighting, plenty of fresh air. ...and while we are wishing, I want a pony, swimming pool, a hot tub and a cute red sports car....
Click for larger picture of tent  Click for larger picture inside tent
The solution was some 1" PVC pipe, 1/8" cord and a roll of 6 mil poly sheeting. Put an electric heater under it, push-pins all the way around into the bench and roll up the corners to seal it up. When not in use the sides just roll up and tie like shades. Temps on warm days have been as good as 110o limited by the thermostat in heater, as much as a 40o increase on cold days with just the one heater. We monitor it with my instant reading digital thermometer from the BBQ wood smoker.
Time, epoxy temp, garage temp, and bench temp can all be monitored through window from house.

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