Randi usually gives the walkaround tours, she loves to do it. When we were building in the early days of Red Flyer she would get to the side entry door and point out the stainless steel channels on either side of the door and explain that was where the elevator was going.

I'd stand off to the side and watch the eyes. You know, the eye roll, the paternal looks from those that had been there done that and they know she's dreaming and has no clue what an undertaking it would be to put an elevator on the side of an RV. You can almost hear the "Yeah sure little girl dream on"

These are the people that inspire us because they have no idea what we are capable of and the two of us do not believe in limitations so we have no idea of what we are -not- capable of.

Okay so before we get into what we did or how we did it,

WATCH THIS ...or should I say "Let me hold your beer before you drop it"


Control is via a wireless remote key fob, UP/DN/STOP

There is also a keypad inside the door on the electrical panel with a key operated lock. It incorporates the computer that has all of the safety interlocks and logic to prevent accidents like the door opening and getting ripped off. So it shows status codes and beeps loud warnings etc.

The elevator platform itself attaches to two stainless "cars" that protrude about an inch either side of the entry door. When not in use while camping it serves as a rain cover over the entry door. When on the road it detaches an stores inside. Safety for the passenger is via the ladder next to the pad so you have something to put our hand on to steady you and is reassuring when stepping on and off at the top.

The whole ladder is hinged to the underside of the roof extension, the roof extension then flips over on top of the roof and gets latched down while on the road. The entry steps below the entry door fold up and slide in and are latched and stored.

As time permits we will add more details