History.... or why the hell are you gals doing this???

Some years ago a friend from high school days was passing through town. He's a Guinness Book of Worlds Records holder for the longest sustained wheelstand in a four wheeled vehicle. A few feet short of a mile.
Here is a YouTube video of him on a typical day at work...

YouTube Video

So anyway he pulls his rig into our driveway, he'd converted the truck himself and Randi and I were impressed. We checked it out and were full of questions then Randi and I looked at each other and whispered "we can do better".

That planted the seed. We tent camp. It was an ongoing joke with our fellow campers that each time we arrived with a bigger tent. We finally got to a point where the next one bigger would have required elephants to erect it, not that I do not like elephants, its the poop.

So we started looking at ads in TruckPaper.com and driving all over the Mid Western states test driving HDT's (heavy duty trucks). Somewhere along the way someone showed us a Volvo VNL-770 and our hearts were forever lost. Only back then we had a much lower target price in mind!

But still, a girl has to dream right? Way back when we Photoshopped this picture, a rendition of what we had in mind...

Yes, its very short, 32 feet to meet local zoning ordinances.
The whole idea of the VNL-770 is that as it comes from the factory, if it has all the condo options, it is almost a legal motorhome by federal standards.

Missouri, like many states have adopted a standard that requires you have four out of six facilities in order to be considered a recreational vehicle:

The six items in addition to a place to sleep and sit down for a meal are:

-cooking (microwave)
-shore power (inverter or genset)
-seperate heating OR air conditioning (independent of the truck's engine)
-potable water supply with sink and grey water tank

Of those, the VNL-770 is available with microwave, fridge, shore power and a sink with supply and grey water tanks.